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Sno-Way Gas V-Box Spreader

Sno-Way’s gas-powered V-box spreaders provide the most muscle for large deicing applications. Designed to handle fine or coarse sand, bulk salt or combination mix, Sno-Way gas spreaders deliver municipal-size results at any job site quickly and efficiently.

Available in two size configurations – 6’ and 8’, these spreaders are built to move some serious spread material. Sno-Way’s gas V-box units over huge capacities in 14-gauge stainless steel construction. Sno-Way has a hard working gas spreader to tackle the toughest deicing jobs. You can count on it.

Fits 1 Ton, Class 4, Class 5 Trucks
SnoWay Salt Spreaders
Spreader Capacity (Cu.-Yd.) 0.75 2
Height/Width 26" / 9" 33" / 48"
Length 91" 115"
Weight - Including Chute* 575 lbs. 760 lbs.
Material (Gauge Steel) 14 SS 14 SS
Conveyer Width (Overall) 11" 16"
Chain Width (Pintle Type) 10" 15"
Swing-Away Chute Design 16" 16" / 28"
Spinner - 4 Flights (Mild or SS) 14" Diameter 14" Diameter
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