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Sno-Way 29THD Series

The 29THD is built to perform day in and day out. This plow is built using our 29HD platform, so you know it is built tough and reliable. As a professional plower, you depend on the steel in front of your truck to move your business ahead. The Sno-Way 29THD series has all of the desirable characteristics in an extreme duty plow. The high-strength steel moldboard and trip-edge technology ensures that only the base angle trips when encountering an obstacle, NOT the entire blade. This means you won’t lose the load you have been pushing. This plow features our easy-to-adjust compression springs to control your trip strength and our Shock Killer™ system that softens the trip impact on your moldboard and truck. Engage Sno-Way’s optional patented Down Pressure® snow plow hydraulic system controlled wirelessly and watch your efficiency and profits soar.

Commercial Plow Performance - Trip Edge Technology
Fits HD 1/2 Ton to 1 Ton Trucks
SnoWay Snow Plows

• Robust Compression Trip Springs
• Patented Ground Hugger™ Blade Design
  » Keeps Plow on the Ground
• Superior Paint for Corrosion Resistance
  » Zinc Phosphate Rinse
  » E-Coat Primer
  » Powder Coat Finish
• Drive In Truck Mount System
• Pre-Drilled Top Blade Rail
  » Allows for E-Z Installation of E-Z Fit Deflector
• EIS™ – Energy Interruption System
  » Down-time reduction
  » Corrosion elimination
  » Plug and play design
• Patented Shock Killer™ Trip Return System
  » Reduces Return Shock to Truck and Driver
• Optional Down Pressure® Hydraulics System
  » Scrapes clean forward and back dragging
  » Increases snow-moving efficiency 30%
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