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Sno-Way 26R Series

The 26R is a plow for ½ ton trucks, with more snow moving capability than anyone else in the industry. Utilizing the patented dual hinge design system you can move more than twice as much snow as a conventional straight or vee plow. The 26R is built using high strength steel to provide performance and durability, without added weight. With the patented Down Pressure® System you now have the ultimate snow cleaning machine.

A 1/2 Ton Monster. Move Snow Where You Want It!
Fits 1/2 Ton Trucks
SnoWay Snow Plows

• Patented Ground Hugger Blade Design
  » Keeps Plow on the Ground
• Drive In Truck Mount System
• Pre-Drilled Top Blade Rail
  » Allows for E-Z Installation of E-Z Fit Deflector
• Patented Shock-Killer™ Trip Return System
  » Reduces Return Shock to Truck and Driver
• Down Pressure® Hydraulics System
  » Scrapes clean forward and back dragging
  » Increases snow-moving efficiency 30%
• EIS™ – Energy Interruption System
  » Down-time reduction
  » Corrosion elimination
  » Plug and play design
• Superior Paint for Corrosion Resistance
  » Zinc Phosphate Rinse
  » E-Coat Primer
  » Powder Coat Finish
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