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The Twin is the definition of performance without compromise. With an unbelievable combined 54 horsepower delivered by two 27HP Generac® engines, the Twin can take on your toughest mowing job. The Twin is the ultimate machine for industrial mowing.
Dixie Chopper XCaliber TWIN
• The XCaliber Twin features two Generac 27HP engines for a combined industry leading 54 horsepower. By having two engines, the operator can use only one engine for small jobs or both engines for extreme cutting conditions. Double the power, double the mower.

• The XCaliber Twin features Dixie Chopper's patented Turf Boss® tires on every model. The high floatation Turf Boss® tires have a reversed ATV-style tread pattern to maximize traction without damaging turf.

• The XCaliber Twin X2 Cutting System features the "Wind Tunnel" design that produces an unmatched quality cut. With high vacuum, discharge, high blade tip speeds and an industry leading 2" blade overlap, this deck is the best in the industry.

• The XCaliber Twin features Dixie Chopper’s heavy-duty deck spindles on every model. The deck hubs feature a deep groove pulley with machined holes and a cooling fan. The pulley and fan help keep the spindle and belt cool while keeping the deck clean. No other manufacturer combines these features!

XCaliber TWIN Printable PDF Specification Sheet
Specifications 5474
Acres per Hour * 6.6
Cutting Deck 74"
Engine Generac® (2)
Engine HP 54 (2 X 27) HP
Pumps Hydro-Gear® 21 Series
Wheel Motors White® 24 Cubic Inch
Fuel Type Gasoline
Fuel Capacity 14 Gal.
*Acres per hour is calculated on 80% operator accuracy and mowing conditions with an optimum cutting height of 2.5 to 4.5 inches.
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